Upgrade Version Breast Shells Nipple Shield with Anti-Flow Stopper Therapy Comfort for Sore Leaking Breast aFeeding Nursing Mother BPA Free Food Grade Silicon Breastmilk Saving (2 Shells)

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  • ❤Upgrade Version—This is the upgrade version of CMBEAR breast shell,it built with an anti-flow stopper lid on the air vent hole,if you want to sleep with the shell, you can close the lid.if you want to let the fresh air in, you can open the lid.
  • ❤Wearing Comfortable - Made from soft food-grade silicon and pp material, flexible and skin-friendly, SGS approved and BPA-free, non-toxic and no stimulating smell.Suitable for any size bra, does not affect your daily looking. This humanized ergonomic breast shells protect nipples from friction, avoid milk flow out.
  • ❤Wide compatibility--this milk saver create a new collection shell to collect milk,and stop milk leakage. Comfortable design, enables you feels no burden when on traveling or daily working, it helps a nursing mother avoid the embarrassment of milk wetting on clothes.
  • ❤Advantages-- compared to the traditional nursing pads,this breast shell is of no allergic smell,and can be reusable and washable, moreover the collected milk can be feeding to babies,it can save 20ml/0.17oz milk at its max volume.
  • ❤kindly note--when the saver is full, pour out the breast milk or collect them in a nursing bottle.The saver is washable and reusable.Remember to keep savers dry after use,and place them in dry, cool,clean place after use.❤ this shell is a common average size, Please Measure your breast before purchase,if your breast is too big,this size may not work with you.

Size:2 Count (Pack of 1)

A masterpiece born to solving nursing mothers’ trouble:
A lot of nursing mothers are troubled with the problems of getting nipples hurt by baby or
milk leaking,or become embarrassed with clothes wet by milk leakage
All these problems can be solved if you have Breast Shells.
Cmbear Breast shells can protect sore nipples for breastfeeding,
And Collect breastmilk for nursing mothers.

Cmbear Milk Saver Features
Made of food-grade silicone and PP material,
the hypoallergenic materials to avoid skin allergic,
guarantee the safety for mommy and baby. Wear inside the bra to protect the nipple, suitable for any size bra and catch all the milk leaks
won't get your clothes wet.
Breast shells are reusable and washable, easier to clean and sterilize.
Its design of air vent and the valid protection for pressure of breasts and friction of nipples
can make ease for moms.
Soft and flexible silicone material reduces the pressure of breast
and fits your body more snugly. No longer suffer from hard plastic.
Breast Shells are made of food-grade material which guarantee the safety for your health.

Kindly Note:if your skin is sensitive to this savers,please stop using them

Package list:
2pack*Cmbear Milk Shell dear.

if product comes defective or out of exception,
please email us for a free replacement or a full refund. best regards.
If your skin is sensitive to silicon,please stop using them.



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