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Sailor's Companion Lighthouse Model

Sailor's Companion Lighthouse Model

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Section of the coastline of Brittany, the west coast of Northern France, had always been known by sailors to be a rugged and dangerous area.
Being the westernmost point of land, it is a heavily trafficked sea lane and also experiences severe weather during much of the year.
22 tons of soap and tallow were spread on the slipway to lubricate the ship's passage into the River Lagan.


La Jumienne lighthouse is located in Bretonne. It is built on a fragment of a rock and, in bad weather, is completely cut off from the world. Dramatic shots of storms on La Jumienne were often published in glossy magazines and online, which brought fame worldwide lighthouse. The lighthouse warns ships of the danger of approaching the shore, as the underwater rocks have led to dozens of shipwrecks at this location.
Since 1991, the lighthouse has been fully automated and controlled remotely. Ass symbols of guiding light, amulets from dangers, Lighthouses have always been a source of inspiration for creative people. The lighthouse was the last tale of one of the most mysterious writers in the history of Edgar Poe, which he never finished.

Movie studio "Castle Rock," which created the best film adaptations of another master of mystery and horror, Stephen King, has a lighthouse on its logo. Since the beginning of the history of navigation, lighthouses have been landmarks for sailors. Initially, they were large bonfires, and now they are electric lamps with a complex system of lenses and mirrors.


Creating the Sailor's Companion, the Metal Time team was inspired by photos of the La Jumienne lighthouse in a storm. However, not only world fame, but also the architecture of the building also deserves attention. The 100-meter-high tower with a superstructure typical of European architecture looks very harmonious and beautiful.

And to recreate it in metal will be a challenging but exciting task for you. Many parts and components at your fingertips will be combined into a wonderful exhibit of the Metal Time collection of models.


Its movement is provided by an electric motor powered by a battery pack. Thanks to this, the lighthouse model can be used as a night light, an object of installation, or part of a composition in combination with ship models "Metal time."

The assembly process will pose a lot of challenges for you, but a few hours spent on technical creativity will be rewarded with an excellent result. The majestic tower of the lighthouse will take its rightful place in your interior - at the stand of the model's collection, on the desktop in the cabinet, or in the nursery.

Precise cutting of the set eliminates the possibility of cuts during the assembling process. The parts fit accurately together and will not create problems with connecting. Pleasant tactile sensations, durability, and aesthetics of matte metal distinguish the steel parts from wooden or plastic ones used in other constructors.

Convenient flat packaging made from sustainable, recyclable cardboard combines compactness and the aesthetics of a status gift. Each buyer of the "Metal time" model receives a club badge, a thank you card, and a unique number assigned to each model. Joining the Metal Time club opens up additional opportunities for each customer.
The Sailor's Companion, like an actual lighthouse, is equipped with a rotating LED light source.


Besides, every customer gets a club badge "Metal Time" and the club's registration card, creating opportunities for the "Metal Time" constructor owners' activities.

Steel sheets
Electric motor
Battery box
Tool kit
Assembling Gloves
Polishing cloth
Collector's Pin
User's guide
Club Stickers
Special card

Easy to fold

All parts are separated and connected with light finger pressure, eliminating possible cuts or pricks during the assembly process.
The Metal Time kits comprise small parts that, under particular conditions, may be hazardous to children under the age of 14 years. If children are to carry out the model assembly, parents' supervision should be ensured.
14 languages User's guides will lead you through the assembling process. In coming up with a design for creative people, there is no borderline between imagination and reality.

The model research and assembly advance the technical creativity skills inspire science and technology history research.

Models "Metal Time" are creators of active leisure and superb gifts, interior embellishments, installation elements, models, and showcase stands.

To make them gatherable and exchangeable, each of our models is assigned a unique serial number. The Metal Time Owners' Club is an upcoming group of people who are zealous about designing.

The loyalty program, "Metal Time," frequently presents the owners of our construction sets with pleasant surprises.
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