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Pet Life Kitty-Tease Interactive

Pet Life Kitty-Tease Interactive

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The Pet Life Kitty-tease interactive cat puzzle tunnel is a fun and enjoyable way your cat can help improve their cognitive behavior during play while your cat stays actively engaged. This toy features an inner ball which the cat simply chases from side to side with their paws while plating with cat teaser on the other-end. Ball inserts easily as this device easily separates. Features 4 dotted rubberized traction proof grips on the other side. Available in Multiple Colors.


  • A fun and cognitively enhancing interactive puzzle for cats
  • Watch your cat entertain themselves as they play with the inner maze ball from side to side
  • Features rubberized traction grips for added durability
  • Features a feathered cat teaser for added engagement
  • Available in Multiple Colors
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