• The soft material of the ankle ring will not hurt the bird's feet.
  • The flying rope can be stretched up to 20inch, the foot ring include three sizes to meet different birds.
  • A long enough parrot training harness can make your bird free, let you sit back and relax, and make sure your pet won't get lost.
  • The traction rope is made of high quality plastic, steel wire inside the leash, bite-proof & durable,suitable for most birds, such as Macaws, big-owl, cockatoo, dove, magpie, peregrine, sun parakeet, crested myna, etc.
  • Before using for the first time, please arrange a test flight in the house to avoid wrong operation, which may cause the bird to get lost while flying outside.

The daily flight training of birds is an essential part of a healthy life. The safe and comfortable towing rope brings you and your pets a better experience.
Package include: 1pc traction rope+ 3pcs soft ankle ring

Please note:
Some birds may still don't adapt after wearing the ankle ring for the first few times, and may be unstable when flying and walking, so she needs to get used to a few days in a safe environment before taking them out to play. It is also possible that some birds cannot accept being restrained at all, causing them to be unable to use the training rope normally,In this case, please stop using the training rope.But most birds are acceptable and happily used.



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