• Large 24oz Wet Mop Head Replacements Hand Sewn in the USA; Looped End to Prevent Lint and Fraying
  • Heavy Duty Stitching Extends Mops Life; Improves Cleaning Performance and Machine Washable
  • Professional Janitorial Refills for Restaurant Kitchen Floor Mopping Supplies
  • Commercial Mesh Headband Allows the Reusable Cloth Heads to Dry Quickly Preventing Mildew
  • 5" Headband works Best with standard Industrial Handle; Cleaner and Bucket with Wringer Set

Industrial Strength Wet Mop Head Hand Made in the USA from Custom 4-Ply Synthetic Blend Yarn. Synthetic Blend Yarn Combines Materials to Create the Best Properties for Absorption, Release of Fluid (Drying), and Durability. Looped End Construction allows this Mop Head to be Laundered Giving it an Extended Service Life.



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