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Lifting Spirit

Lifting Spirit

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The creator of helicopters was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1889. In 1900, at age 11, he accompanied his father to Germany and became interested in natural sciences.

By age 12 he had made a small rubber band-powered helicopter.
In 1939 he designed and flew the first viable helicopter, which pioneered the rotor configuration used by most helicopters today.


At the beginning of the 1900 century, Igor Sikorsky, a Ukrainian schoolboy from Kiev, saw a drawing of a flying machine having a Leonardo da Vinci propeller. This gave spawned dreams of a manipulated flight in his head. When he was 19 years old and a student at the Kiev Polytechnic University, Sikorsky designed several aircraft models, including a helicopter. Sikorsky's first rotary-wing aircraft stayed on the ground, and for several years his focus was on airplanes. It was after 20 years that the engineer returned to helicopters. The machines were constructed in the USA and became the ancestors of the world's most successful model series.

Advantageous of their capability to fly at low heights, lift off and land on small flat areas, and hang in the air, helicopters have turned out to be the primary type of supplementary aircraft - rescuers, carriers of goods, and people in remote areas, personal transport, and flying cranes


When "Metal Time" engineers and designers were presented with the opportunity to choose a prefabricated model establishment prototype of a versatile helicopter, they made their decisions in favor of the Sikorsky design bureau helicopter, UH-60 Black Hawk.

The helicopter was designed in the mid-70s, and up-to-date it is actively used. The genres of literature and cinema have often been praised. In director Ridley Scott's famous war drama, "The Fall of the Black Hawk," he uses helicopters.

The Lifting Spirit is aircraft's one of the finest examples. The identifiable design, the strict aesthetics of the military machine, and the many iconic history references make this model an anticipated acquisition for technology fans.

The reliable Lifting Spirit will assist you in touching the establishment of legendary technology and, possibly, stir up interest in the best establishments of the planet's engineers. This model symbolizes speed, power, reliability, and an easy upward strive.


Like all Metal Time prefabs, the Lifting Spirit is made from maintainable food-grade stainless steel approved for consumer goods and toys.

Cutting the set precisely does away with the likelihood of cuts in the event of assembling.

The brushed metal's pleasant tactile impressions, durability, and aesthetics differentiate steel parts constructively from plastic or wooden ones used in other constructors.CDN.shopify.

The model assembling process and the finished model will give you the pleasure of feeling like a design engineer. With the model in hand, you can think of yourself as an experienced pilot and carry out aerobatics or air trips in your home's space.

The Lifting Spirit model can take pride in a trophy, an award, or become part of a room's design. Appropriate flat packaging crafted from maintainable eco-friendly cardboard integrates a status gift's solidity and aesthetics.
The doors of the model open, the dashboard and conventional controls are visible in the cockpit. The wheels of the model rotate freely.

The modular Lifting Spirit comprises a spring mechanism that sets the helicopter's propellers into motion.


Besides, every customer gets a club badge "Metal Time" and the club's registration card, creating opportunities for the "Metal Time" constructor owners' activities.

Steel sheets
Power spring
Assembling Gloves
Polishing cloth
Collector's Pin
Club Stickers
Tool kit
User's guide
Special card

Easy to fold

All parts are separated and connected with light finger pressure, eliminating possible cuts or pricks during the assembly process.

The Metal Time kits comprise small parts that, under particular conditions, may be hazardous to children under the age of 14 years. If children are to carry out the model assembly, parents' supervision should be ensured.
14 languages User's guides will lead you through the assembling process. In coming up with a design for creative people, there is no borderline between imagination and reality.

The model research and assembly advance the technical creativity skills inspire science and technology history research.

Models "Metal Time" are creators of active leisure and superb gifts, interior embellishments, installation elements, models, and showcase stands.

To make them gatherable and exchangeable, each of our models is assigned a unique serial number. The Metal Time Owners' Club is an upcoming group of people who are zealous about designing.

The loyalty program, "Metal Time," frequently presents the owners of our construction sets with pleasant surprises.
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