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Hard-Side 36\" Plastic Pet Kennel for Dogs

Hard-Side 36\" Plastic Pet Kennel for Dogs

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Give your furry friend a comfy, safe, and secure home with a Pet Kennel. It can be a comforting den for your pet, used for housebreaking, travel, and can help make going to the vet a little easier. The kennel is easy to assemble, with the included instruction guide. It incorporates overlapping beltways, door-pull barriers, and is secured with the included bolt and wingnut fasteners for enhanced strength. With a sturdy and durable construction, this kennel is made of heavy-duty plastic and steel wire. The wire door features easy-squeeze latches and keeps your pet safe inside. Your pet will have visibility on all sides and ventilation for flow of fresh air. Comes with a gray top, black base, and black metal door. The Medium/LarPet Kennel is ideal for pets 50-70 pounds.

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