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Stainless Steel Noodle Making Machine

Stainless Steel Noodle Making Machine

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Fond of eating flour-made dishes? How about dumplings? Wonton? Noodles? Buy this Dual-blade Multifunctional Manual Hand-cranking Operation Stainless Steel Noodle Making Machine; and you are able to make whatever flour-made dishes by your own! This noodle maker, adopting first-rate stainless steel material, is wear-resistant and uneasy to get rusty. Ergonomic treatment on handle makes it anti-skid and comfortable to grip. This machine has excellent pressing performance, could press dough into thin and cute wrappers. And by hand-cranking operation, you can get noodles within seconds with this noodle maker. In this way, you will enjoy healthy and yummy noodles! Buy it without hesitation!


  • Portable and practical machine for household use
  • Stainless steel material as well as exquisite workmanship ensures the good durability and stable performance
  • It is designed with several holes on the side of this machine for free option
  • Each hand-cranking hole is designed with respective specification for making different noodles
  • Manual operation, hand-cranking mode, labor-saving and easy operation
  • Anti-skid handle, comfortable to grip
  • It could press dough into ultra-thin wrappers and turn wrappers into noodles
  • You are allowed to adjust the thickness of noodles by altering the adjustment mode
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