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Candylight LED Stereo Bluetooth Mini Speaker

Candylight LED Stereo Bluetooth Mini Speaker

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This solo LED speaker with a diamond shape prism plays the colorful medley of LED glow that looks like candies in motion.   They look small but produce the most effective and clear sound as the large speaker does; and you will love them so much; that you will get more! Buy in multiples to connect any two speakers together. Place them in different rooms of your house and have the entire family thrilled as they enjoy many of your family's favorite tunes individually; and altogether at the same time! 


    • These LED Mini speakers are great for any setting and decor at home and office; near the pool; or outdoors.
    • Connect two speakers and pair them to give a surround sound effect.
    • Multi-color LED lights that change to the sound of the tunes or can be one solid color.
    • It connects to your Smartphone and tablet as well as any Bluetooth-enabled device.
    • It also has a built-in mic.
    • Built-in MP4 Player using the SD card slot.
    • It measures 2.5 inches Tall and 3 inches Round; with the clearest sound.
    • The rechargeable battery gives you continuous play for 4 hours.
    • It is portable and has a lanyard to take with you anywhere.
    • Get more to enhance the sound for the party time and for gift giving.


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