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Bottle Brush (25cm) + Copper Scrubber + 2 x Dedicated Attachments

Bottle Brush (25cm) + Copper Scrubber + 2 x Dedicated Attachments

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Copper Scrubber: The copper scrubber attachment for the Skadu power scrubber is ideal for any kind of scrubbing that requires heavy duty application. It removes built-up layers and coats of grime easily. It works amazingly on kitchen countertops and the kitchen sink as well!

The copper scrubber; combined with Skadu power scrubber's powerful motor; can be used to scrub various kitchen appliances and utensils such as skillets; iron pots and pans; ceramic cooktops; grills; grilling equipment; stainless steel sinks; and copper utensils. It can also scrub ovens and baking equipment such as moulds; baking dishes; trays; etc. Ideal for scrubbing stove burners; broiler pans and equipment; oven racks; and glassware that will not get scratches easily.

Other applications for the copper scrubber include scrubbing door and window grills; garage doors; or objects made out of anodized aluminum.

Copper scrubbers are abrasive and can cause scratches to the surface. Use it on surfaces that can withstand the force and pressure of the copper scrubbers and can work with scratches. Ideal for hard surfaces and appliances with stains that are difficult to remove. Test on a small surface before you start scrubbing the entire surface area.

  • Removes built up grime from ovens; cast iron skillets; baking equipment; grilling equipment and more.
  • Can clean copper utensils; stainless steel sinks; stove burners; and more.
  • Can clean window grills; garage doors; and objects made out of anodized aluminum.

Bottle Brush: 

The Bottle Brush attachment for the power scrubber helps you reach the base of all your bottles easily; something most scrubbers cannot do. You can get rid of 100% of the grime and scrub off all the build up of all containers up to 25 cm.

It can be used for cleaning bottles made out of multiple materials due to it's sponge brush head. You can clean glass bottles; copper bottles; plastic containers; glasses; mugs and more with ease.

Avoid using bottle brushes on surfaces that are not mentioned in the use case. The durable brush bristles might get damaged with repeated contact with other surfaces; and it will reduce its longevity. Keep brush safely in order to avoid damage to the bristles. 

  • Durable bottle brush bristles to ease the effort of scrubbing bottles clean effectively.
  • Can be used for scrubbing bottles up to 25 cm; drinking glasses; jars and stemware.
  • Can be used to scrub baby feeding bottles and spoons.
  • Can be used to scrub uncoated cookware; delicate dishes; and glassware.


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