Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation - Foundation Powder - Mineral Makeup (0.23 oz/ 6.5 g) | Beige 1



Olive 3
Olive 0
Cool 4
Olive 6
Neutral 4
Olive 4
Beige 5
Neutral 3
Neutral 3.5
Warm 1
Warm 8
Cool 7
Neutral 6
Cool 3
Cool 1
Olive 1.5
Olive 2
Olive 1
Neutral 1
Beige 4
Olive 7
Neutral 7
Warm 9
Beige 3
Warm 7
Beige 6
Cool 2
Cool 8
Warm 6
Beige 9
Warm 2
Beige 1
Cool 6
Neutral 5
Beige 8
Cool 5
Warm 5
Beige 7
Cool 9
Warm 4
Neutral 8
Neutral 2
Olive 5
Warm 3
Beige 2


  • Foundation Powder: Our award-winning Satin Matte Foundation provides buildable coverage in 45 shades. Created from four hypoallergenic ingredients, our buildable mineral makeup foundation enhances your complexion while evening your skin tone. This lightweight foundation powder is a perfect natural makeup addition to your everyday makeup routine.
  • Beige 1 - You are the fairest of them all. You easily burn in the sun. You likely wear the lightest shade in other brands, or often find shades appear too dark.
  • Beige - With a balance of yellow and red pigments, our Beige range works with most neutral peach undertones. It’s also our most popular range. It’s slightly warmer than our Neutral range, but not quite as golden-toned as our Warm range. If Olive shades are close, but not quite right, you will find a match with Beige.
  • About Us: We are Alima Pure. We only use the highest quality, purest ingredients. Without compromise, our products are never tested on animals.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We are a certified B Corporation, celebrating 10 years of being Carbon Neutral, donating 1% of our annual sales revenue to grassroots environmental organizations dedicated to protecting our planet. Our refillable compacts can easily be swapped out for a new pan when your product runs out.



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