Slouching and Hunching Adjustable Back Trainer


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  • FULL BACK AND ERGONOMICS DESIGN: The posture corrector supports your full back, shoulders, and waist. Through the Y-design principle, the shoulder straps are stretched on both sides and the belt is supported to give the shoulders and the waist a backward stretching effect so that you can always have an auxiliary correction for the back straight. And two sets of aluminum strips provide extra support, helping to reduce the load on the spine and muscles
  • EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Made with breathable and soft neoprene, the back posture brace will not cut your arms. Wear it 2 hours a day, you will see a charming and confident posture after 4 months. It can be worn when watching TV, work on the computer, and learning, but except sleeping and exercising
  • CORRECT BAD POSTURE: Are you suffer from slouching and hunching, high and low shoulders, neck, and back pain? Our posture corrector can help to train your muscles back stretching, spinal decompression, and return to their natural alignment. Besides, the posture corrector brace can also prevent myopia and relieve fatigue. It's designed for students, officers, teenagers, adults, and those who always sit poorly without awareness or lack exercise



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