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  • This body shaping machine has 3 functions: E-M-S, Sonic, and Infrared. The sonic function can burn excess fat on the arms, abdomen, legs, and waist. E-M-S function can massage and shape your body. Red light can brighten your skin. 3 functions to make your figure more perfect!
  • E-M-S Massager and SONIC: The body shaping massager has 5 massage modes (Sliming, scraping, Knead, Massage, Tapping), 5 levels to select. Note: E-M-S uses micro-current massage, which exercises the muscles to move, achieving the effect of sliming and shaping. (please note that E-M-S must be used with E-M-S pads),Then through SONIC cleansing pores deeply.
  • Fat Burning and Promote absorption: The fat remover machine has a high frequency of 100,0000 times /s (CAN NOT feel the vibration), accelerates the burning of fat, and improves metabolism; Massage with skincare products to promote complete absorption of skincare products.
  • Body shaping massage can brighten your skin: 620-630nm red light can reach the dermis to stimulate fibers, gently promote circulation, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and make skin shinier.
  • Warm Tips: Please note that the fat burn machine CAN NOT get hot. We recommend using the machine with slimming cream, 2-3 times/week, 10-30 mins each time. The device will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of operation, just restart it.



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