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Pet Accessories Multi-Functional Dog Cat Cleaner Supplies

Pet Accessories Multi-Functional Dog Cat Cleaner Supplies

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  • This is a multi-function dog molar toy, a collection of teeth grinding, cleaning, entertainment, and other functions.
  • The newly designed jagged molar bumps and various shapes of molar surfaces can thoroughly clean the dog’s incisors, sharp teeth, and molars.
  • The dog plays with the toy, effectively removing all kinds of food Slag, dirt, and dental calculus, fully protecting the dog's dental health, and truly ensure the dog's oral health.
  • This toy can improve the dog's intelligence, alleviate daily anxiety, and prevent damage to furniture and clothing.
  • Large-size shovel surface with larger capacity, fast sand leakage, and staggered aperture, saving cat litter consumption by not picking the cat litter size.


  • Color: Green; Blue
  • Product name: Hedgehog Pet Chew toy
  • Material: TPR
  • Product size: 14.8*7.2*6.6cm
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