Natural Latex Neck Supportive Sleeping Pillows




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  • UNRIVALED SUPPORT AND COMPLETE COMFORT: This contoured sleeping pillow offers the perfect balance of support and comfort, it has a medium firmness to fit your neck, head, and shoulders due to the special material. It comes with a level of rebound that you hope to provide sturdy support and against losing shape and flattening out.
  • Patented shape design for back/side/stomach sleepers. DYD bed pillows come in two height-adjustable designs to accommodate various sleeping styles, especially suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs and backs. It comes with two sleeping areas for side sleepers. It offers you more hours of uninterrupted rest if you roll over to your side throughout the night.
  • Relieves Pain Without Sacrificing Comfort - Ergonomic design helps decrease shoulder stiffness and facilitates proper spinal alignment while preventing and alleviating back and neck pain. Conforms to the natural curves of the body while providing excellent support for the head, neck, and shoulders, the parallel contours work to promote proper curvature of the spine.
  • SLEEP FRESH & LOW NOISE: Derived from a double-lined memory foam material that retains almost no heat yet, aerated to help improve airflow even more. The cotton/polyester blend cover effectively prevents heat build-up and provides cool comfort. The pillow doesn't cause a lot of noise, so there is little discomfort for you and it helps you sleep soundly.



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