• 1. Safe and durable flying ball: This flying ball has undergone rigorous testing. The unique spherical design and protective softshell allow your hands to use the lightweight flying ball safely. The flexible and soft materials ensure the flying ball. Durability and impact resistance.
  • 2.The new RGB magic flying ball toy: This updated version of the flying ball has more powerful power and more magical and cool RGB lighting, which promotes the multi-skills gameplay of the flying ball and a larger flying range to trigger your flying magic ball toy for imagination and creativity.
  • 3. Easy to charge and carry: The magic flying ball has a USB charging cable, which can be connected to a mobile power laptop, phone adapter, and car charger. It takes 25 minutes to charge. The indicator light stays on when the charge is completed. Wherever you go, the children’s drones can be easily carried and can be carried around. The flying magic balls do not take up a lot of space for fun anytime, anywhere.
  • 4. Easy-to-understand flying operation: the flying ball can start tossing by turning on the power button, shaking it by hand, shaking it again, turning it off, regardless of whether there is a magic controller or not. Different throwing angles and speeds. The hand-controlled flying ball will improve your creativity and test your accuracy. Bring you a joyful unmanned flying ball all the time.
  • 5. A unique gift for anyone: The magic flying ball is designed to be used indoors and outdoors at home, school, party, or office. It is suitable for children and adult friends to compete in a team and more interesting. The flying ball has a unique design plus a variety of appearance colors. Choose to become a great travel toy, Christmas gift for boys and girls, and a fun birthday party event gift.

Product Description

Suitable for multiplayer games, adding fun to everyone

Colorful LED, flying ball design, like a neon shooting star

Easily implement parent-child games

  • Start switch

  • Swing work

  • Throw out a roundabout

Universal USB charging port



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