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Elusive Nautilus Submarine

Elusive Nautilus Submarine

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According to a report in Opusculum Taisnieri published in 1562, two Greeks submerged and surfaced in the river Tagus near the City of Toledo several times in The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V's presence without getting wet with the flame they carried in their hands still alight.


Sea and ocean depths contain lots of secrets. So, underwater travel dreams have always been in the hands of inventors and engineers. Jules Verne's book 20 Thousand Leagues under the Sea was the first dieselpunk novel dedicated to the underwater journey. She was a motivation to designers and engineers to come up with the submarine prototypes.

Deep-sea vehicle prototypes appeared in the early Middle Ages, but it was until 1620 that the first successful submarine tests happened in England.
Presently, underwater vehicles are the most intricate mechanical-electronic systems that can manage several months of underwater trips and explore the deepest depths of oceans in the world.


Metal Time engineers and designers chose to commemorate the well-known submarines in the Elusive modular Nautilus.

The primary approach of the designer was to form a perfect-shape model with ornamental details that would immediately draw attention. The outcome is a model that will embellish any interior. The exciting part of assembling the Elusive Nautilus will be gifted a small technical masterpiece.


The Elusive Nautilus is made from maintainable food-grade stainless steel certified for consumer goods and toys like all Metal Time prefabs.

Cutting the set precisely does away with the likelihood of being cut during the process of assembly. The parts closely fit into each other, and there will not be any resulting joint problems.

The brushed metal's pleasant tactile impressions, durability, and aesthetics constructively differentiate steel parts from plastic or wooden ones used in other constructors.

The model assembling process and the outcome in the finished model form will be a pleasure, giving you the feeling of a discoverer and design engineer.
The model assembling process and the outcome in the finished model form will be a pleasure, giving you the feeling of a discoverer and design engineer.
The "Elusive Nautilus" model can qualify for an award, valuable trophy, or become a section of a room design or themed fitting devoted to an underwater trip. Besides, the model will beautify your aquarium and turn out to be a favorite element for its inhabitants.

The submarine is made up of a spring mechanism kicked off by rotating the model's bow. Controlling the mechanism involves pressing the periscope, which turns the submarine's propeller, initiating its movement into the ocean's depths.

The impression of functional mechanisms will fulfill your interest in the mechanics' secrets and turn out to be your friends' bright icon of attraction.
Appropriate flat packaging created from maintainable eco-friendly cardboard integrates firmness and the aesthetics of a status gift.

The Elusive Nautilus model contests your design skills. The assembly process will function to create interest in the submarine fleet history, and the outcome will be your Metal Time collection's pearl.

Elusive Nautilus is a superb gift for technical creativity fans and prefabricated Metal Time model collectors.

The submarine is made up of a spring mechanism kicked off by rotating the model's bow.


Besides, every customer gets a club badge "Metal Time" and the club's registration card, creating opportunities for the "Metal Time" constructor owners' activities.
Steel sheets, pcs
Power spring
Tool kit
User's guide
Special card
Assembling Gloves
Polishing cloth
Collector's Pin
Club Stickers

Easy to fold

All parts are separated and connected with light finger pressure, eliminating possible cuts or pricks during the assembly process.

The Metal Time kits comprise small parts that, under particular conditions, may be hazardous to children under the age of 14 years. If children are to carry out the model assembly, parents' supervision should be ensured.

14 languages User's guides will lead you through the assembling process. In coming up with a design for creative people, there is no borderline between imagination and reality.

The prefabricated Elusive Nautilus model is made for a wide variety of users aged 14 years and above.

The model research and assembly advance the technical creativity skills inspire science and technology history research.

Models "Metal Time" are creators of active leisure and superb gifts, interior embellishments, installation elements, models, and showcase stands.

To make them gatherable and exchangeable, each of our models is assigned a unique serial number. The Metal Time Owners' Club is an upcoming group of people who are zealous about designing.

The loyalty program, "Metal Time," frequently presents the owners of our construction sets with pleasant surprises.

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