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New Electric heating pulse neck and back massager

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Pearl White
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New Electric  heating  pulse neck and back massager 
1.  Ergonomics. The massager adopted a U-shape, conforming to the contoured and ring-shaped design of the human cervical neck. In addition, the neck strap can be adjusted 160 °, you can adjust it freely.
6 transferable modes and 10 types of adjustable intensity. You can choose any mode or intensity according to your needs.
2.  Magnetic effect. The built-in magnetic can massage the human acupuncture point, which can balance the nervous system, improve the oxygen supply, microcycle and the nutrition state of tissue cells.
Electric pulse massage. It can repeatedly stimulate the nerve acupuncture point to promote metabolism, relax muscles and eliminate pain, etc.
3. 3D intelligent fit technology. You can easily adjust the electrode according to the curve of your neck.
4. electrode patch. It combines a variety of massage techniques in traditional Chinese medicine, promoting blood circulation, wider massage  coverage.
5.  The massager can be used on the neck, back, legs and waist, etc., applicable to the whole body.

It is recommended to use a damp towel to wet the neck before using it and make the instrument completely close to your neck, otherwise you will feel tingling and rash.

1. Material: ABS + silicone + stainless steel + magnetic
2. Power: 3V 30mA
3. Battery type: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
4. Pulse frequency: 0Hz ~ 1000Hz
5. Size: 18 * 11.5cm (L * L)
6. Weight: 174g
7. White colour

Package contents:
1 x Massager
1 x Electrode patch
1 x User Manual (English) 



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