Electric Facial Cleansing Brush




Ergonomic facial cleaning silicone, made of food-grade silicone, the same material as the baby pacifier, is soft and healthy, 30 times more hygienic than nylon brushes. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and thin cuticles. Thousands of silicone fingers gently kiss every pore on your face, massage your facial muscles and exfoliate. Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold, you can wash the sides of the nose and every corner of the face. With interior cleaning, the brush will always stay clean, no replacement head is required.


  • Effective facial brush with sonic vibration.
  • Enhance sound waves directly to pores, shake up dirt and makeup residue, improve clogged pores, blackheads, skin oil. Efficient but no noise, it gives you a fantastic cleaning experience. 
  • The negative ion with a constant temperature of 114 ℉, can relax the eyes and around, make the eyes clear and bright, improve blood circulation, smooth fine lines, and fade dark circles.
  • The back of the brush head is also a facial massager, which can firm the skin and lift the face. 



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