Double-sided Puzzle Wooden Toys

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  • Developing your child's life skills at a young age can be fun - this wooden puzzle is designed to foster visual perception skills, dexterity, and problem-solving skills, all while enjoying imaginative play, which is what makes this puzzle fun. Product size: 11. 8 x 0.8 x 8. 3 in.
  • The 7-piece puzzle game turns into a pretend play. Includes 1 Inuit (skim), seal, fish, penguin, polar bear, igloo, and whale. Pick up the puzzle pieces and play with the exploration of the polar caps. Each piece is unique in the way a child will play. Invoke your child in a dialogue about different arctic animals and their habitat. Listen to them learn, improve their language skills and discover the joy of imaginative play.
  • Dexterity and hand-eye coordination for early independence. Mastering your child's fine motor skills has been clinically proven to allow them greater independence. Fine motor skills allow for greater independence such as opening doors, zippers, brushing teeth, washing hands, and much more. Our "chunky" wooden puzzle is made of 7 easy-to-grip pieces. Extra thick and colorful high-quality wooden materials.
  • Give your child self-confidence through play: Through repetitive movements with room for creativity, children can improve their skills and find an inner self-confidence that will apply in many different settings for the rest of their lives. lives. Since 1970, Janod has focused on bringing heirloom quality classic toys to families around the world.



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