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Optional Two-Speed Operation---Using the rotary control button, you can easily select different modes to meet your needs. Whisper mode provides quiet operation and uses negative ions to release clean, fresh air, while turbo mode makes the purifier even more effective by adding a built-in fan to quickly eliminate strong odors.

COMPACT SIZE AND STURDY CONSTRUCTION --- This air purifier is made of ABS structure, which is sturdy and durable for long-term use. The purifier's compact design fits perfectly on a desk or shelf, making it ideal for small bedrooms, offices, nurseries, and dorms. Of course, it must be a perfect gift for family, friends and office mates.

Energy Efficient & Wide Coverage --- This compact body packs a lot of power. It is very energy efficient, consuming only up to 7 watts of power and can effectively cover an area of up to 300 square feet.

SAVE MONEY ON EXPENSIVE FILTER---The collection mesh filters the air by trapping airborne particles, pollutants and allergens, so you don't have to buy expensive filters to replace old ones. You just need to take out the grid and clean it with a damp cloth. Easy to clean for your convenience.

Purify the air with negative ions --- As we all know, air pollution is getting more and more attention. However, the air is clean and contains a lot of beneficial negative ions. Our products operate on negative ions, drawing in polluted air, trapping pollutants and releasing clean, healthy air so you can breathe fresh air in your home.


This is our mini ionic air purifier with a compact design and the performance of an ionizer twice its size. It draws in the air using negative ions; traps pollutants; then effectively purifies the air and removes pollutants such as: dust; pollen; pet dander; smoke; odors; smog; fungal fibers; soot; and more. Finally; release healthy and clean air. The compact design is perfect for a shelf or table!
NOTE: This product does not comply with the California Air Cleaner Regulations and cannot be shipped to California.
Note: Please read this manual thoroughly before using the machine.
Please keep this manual for future reference.
Negative ions purify the air
Low power consumption (consume only 7 watts of power)
Covers up to 300 square feet
2 speeds of operation:
Built-in permanent filter that never needs to be replaced
12V AC adapters cost pennies a day
Material: ABS
Height: 12 inches
Energy efficient - 7 watts per hour
Package contains: 2X Air Purifier; Ionizer2x AC Adapter
2x user manual
Note: Indoor use only

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