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[2 PACK] Anti-Blue Paperfeel Screen Protector for iPad 6th /iPad 9.7/iPad Pro/Air 3/iPad Air 2, Drawing Writing Feel Like Paper Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing for iPad 9.7''

[2 PACK] Anti-Blue Paperfeel Screen Protector for iPad 6th /iPad 9.7/iPad Pro/Air 3/iPad Air 2, Drawing Writing Feel Like Paper Matte Screen Protector for Drawing, Writing for iPad 9.7''

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  • 【Paperfeel Drawing】Feels just like you are writing on paper, offer paper-feel touch, when writing or drawing there is smooth surface just to do the better control. Specifically designed this screen protector for the iPad Pro 9.7" and iPad 2018
  • 【Anti Blue Light】The Anti Blue Light Screen Protector can filter out most of blue light, UV400 protection, Radiation Protection, it is a perfect accessory for you to relieve iPad eye strain to help you sleep better.
  • 【Anti Scratch】 The hard coat treatment of a pencil hardness of 3H can prevent the surface of the film from being scratched.
  • 【Anti Glare】With anti-glare function to suppress light reflection. Making your iPad both a perfect reading companion and a journal, even under the bright sun.
  • 【Compatible with Apple Pencil】Paper Like for your iPad writing feel while maintaining touch-screen sensitivity. New paper iPad screen protector brings the iPad closer to digital drawing tablets.

Product Description

Paper-Feel iPad 6th Generation/iPad 9.7"(2018/2017)/iPad Pro 9.7/iPad Air/iPad Air 2 Screen Protector has made it easier for thousands of note-takers, artists, and business professionals to write and draw while using their iPad.

Due to the iPad’s glass display, these activities can be difficult to enjoy. Glass is slippery and imprecise, which adds frustration when trying to take notes, outline important documents, and create incredible art.

Our matte iPad screen protector emulates the friction and resistance of paper, eliminating these drawbacks so that every stroke with the Apple Pencil feels smooth and natural.

Paper-Feel Screen Protector the precision of paper to a paperless environment so that you can truly fall in love with drawing and writing on your iPad 6th Generation/iPad 9.7''(2018/2017)/iPad Pro 9.7/iPad Air/iPad Air 2.

Empower your paperless process.

Paper-Feel Screen Protector makes it easier than ever for creatives and professionals to leave pens, pencils, and notebooks at home.

What's more, filter harmful blue light & UV

Blocks 90% blue light blockage (380nm-420nm) and 98% UV blockage (310nm-380nm)to minimize digital eye strain caused by harmful blue and UV light emitted from digital screens.

Why choose Anti-blue light screen protector?

Children and teenager usually are spending more time in front of tablet screens than any generation before today,whether they’re playing games,studying or watching electronic devices,the blue light and UV light are harming their eyes.

While blue light have a significant impact on adult and children’s eyes.Children are even move susceptible to effects of blue light from digital devices.A prolonged exposure of the eye to Blue Light is now believed to be a health hazard called Blue Light Hazard.Continued exposure to the blue light emitting displays can cease or limit brains from producing the sleep-inducing hormone.The impact of HEV Blue Light is believed to cause eye fatigue and may even cause age-related skin problem.

Paperfeel Functionality

The best functional paper texture screen protector for iPad, most suitable when using with Apple Pencil to write, drawing, sketch and design on screen.

Sensitive Smooth Gliding

This paper texture screen protector offers you a natural and real feeling with stylus writing on screen as writing on paper, quite smooth and responsive.

No Glare Feature

Designed with no glare function to suppress light reflection.It makes your device both a perfect reading companion and a journal,ever under the bright sun.

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