what we are doing

Aggressively offering service and opportunities with NO APOLOGIES!

  • Experts in ecommerce

    Over the past 16 years, we have created industries and brought products to market all over the world. The experience in servicing others has been instrumental in our growth as industry experts.

  • Product Customization

    In addition to offering thousands of products on the HOTSHOT MALL platform, we have internally developed products based on the needs of our customers and all communities.

  • End to end Solutions

    We are firm believers in THE PROCESS of success. That belief is instrumental in how we serve from our initial contact with our customers until they receive their products and are pleased!

  • Why We Serve

    When you serve, you see life as a whole. With that understanding, we begin to play our part by building empires so we can give to others and continue to pay forward our gifts with a heart of joy.

  • Online Marketing Support

    One of the keys to our longevity has been our attention to detail. Our online support team is second to none from the processing of orders, to making sure all questions are answered in a timely manner.

  • Our Vision Forward

    HOTSHOT MALL will become the next Amazon as it relates to online shopping, but this is just the beginning. We will diversify our offerings and allow others to take part in what we build.

  • Are you open to making money from your own store?

    If you would like to make some extra income either part-time or full-time with your own personal HOTSHOT MALL STORE, then you definately need to contact us for more information. HOTSHOT MALL INC is a global online shopping mall that not only service customers, but builds dreams through all of our representatives. ASK US HOW!!!